I am not a religious person, I am spiritual. Which means I do believe in God/Universal energy that connects all of us together. I do feel we are all one. One with everything.  That is why it so important that we keep our spirits high and are kind to ourselves.  Because when we are kind to ourselves, we send out good energy and vibes to others.  And when we are not in a good mood and have low energy, is when we are looking to get into fights and blame others.  Does this sound familiar? Hey as spiritual as I am, I am human.  Like today I was guided to relax and take some much needed time out for myself.  I could feel my patience weakening the past couple of days because of the 18 hour days I have been working. I’m feel very blessed with all of this sudden abundance, but I also had to realize I am going to burn out soon if I do not balance my time and energy.  You maybe saying well I can’t take time out or I have family obligations or … I know, we all have material obligations. But guess what, you will be the most motivated person in the grave if you do not balance yourself now.  So when I feel stress, I ask for help.  I pray and ask angels and God to send me help.  I’m not sure why I forget to do this, but once I do, everything falls right into place with ease.  ASK FOR HELP!!  Because of Free Will, angels and God can not help without you asking first, unless of course its a near death situation, and its not your time yet. So since we are all connected, think about others to and please please please keep your attitude and energy positive, the world really needs your contribution right now!!

With love and joy,


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