Interesting scene in the sky with today’s sunrise. Half the sky is dark with rain clouds, and the other side is bright. Which side is better?? Well I can say of course the brighter side, but don’t we need rain too for vegetation among other things? So often I have clients coming to me for low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, sadness, and much more. Do you feel this way?? Or have you felt this way in the past?? Who in your past made you feel not loved, inferior, or not smart enough, not fit enough, not handsome or pretty enough?? When people criticize it’s because of how they are feeling about themselves. They feel hopeless inside, so they lash out on others. I look at those types of people as my “teachers.” Another words, they teach us to be stronger and smarter, and help us grow. Once you become thankful that these critically negative people are presented into your life for a reason, take advantage of this experience, and grow and learn from it. Once you do, your life will completely change in ALL areas. Start releasing today, because you deserve it!!

The weekend is almost here!!! Enjoy!! Xoxo Deirdre Balarezo Abrami, Deirdre Abrami

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