Using Kind Words Can Save the Planet

Are you aware that every word you use has energy? Whether for yourself or another person?  It is super important to be conscious of what you think and say. Your thoughts are important to the world.   Change starts with you.  If we want to make positive changes to the world, we have to equally […]

Live Now and Not For Tomorrow!

Are you ready to kick-ass and have your dreams manifest into reality? Well great, here is how you are going to do it…stop living for tomorrow and live for right NOW.  How often do we tell ourselves “I will start the diet tomorrow,” or “I will tell my partner I love them next week,” or […]

I Can Manifest When I Am Happy!!

I’m in flow when I am happy. When I’m happy, I can manifest anything! While walking today, I noticed these amazingly happy ducks. They seem so content walking along with each other, and enjoying each other’s company. You can tell they are in their flow. How do we manifest great things and get into our […]

Go to Bed Feeling Positive & Your Morning will Create Miracles!

Happy Tuesday!! Are you making today a happy loving day today?  Did you wake up feeling amazing and ready to start a day with blissful feelings and thoughts?  I know you did, I have faith in you.  Well if you didn’t, don’t beat yourself.  If you are feeling “off” today, how was your feelings and […]

Are You Ready to Make Changes??

Make today your day to live the life you always wanted to live. Are you ready? Why wait until tomorrow? By putting off your future dreams, you will just make yourself unhappy and not feel authentic. You ask how can I accomplish my dreams? Very easily, step-by-step. There is no rush in accomplishing your dreams, […]

Listen to Your OWN Intuition!

During my meditation this morning, I was guided to post about intuition. After doubting this message, I picked two angel cards…both referenced listening to your intuition!! I love when I receive confirmation!! Do you listen to your intuition, your gut, your instincts?? What happens when you ignore it? Do you have regrets? Imagine if you […]

Use Your Intuition & Listen to Your Body

Another gorgeous day. How are you feeling this morning after your gratitude prayers?? Didn’t do them yet, no worries you still have time??!! Another big way to fulfill your desires is having optimal health. If your not feeling well, how are you suppose to achieve all of your desires?? So many clients come to me […]