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Ask for Help, and It Will Be Given

I am not a religious person, I am spiritual. Which means I do believe in God/Universal energy that connects all of us together. I do feel we are all one. One with everything.  That is why it so important that we keep our spirits high and are kind to ourselves.  Because when we are kind […]

Visualize a Successful Day & Will Be!

Happy Monday!  Are you ready to start your week off right?  I know I am.  Do you know how you can guarantee a successful week? Visualize it.  Yes it’s as simple as that.  Imagine yourself already succeeding in every situation today, tomorrow and end of week.  Do you know if you can hold an image […]

Share Love & Peace with the World! Channeled Message with Deirdre

Today more than ever is a day to share love and peace with the world.  If we do not as a consciousness, the world will end in pain and sorrow. How do we encourage others to just be? By just being period. If people would stop judging themselves or others and feel true love in […]

Get Out In Nature & Relieve Stress!

I am truly an outdoor girl at heart.  I grew up on a beach in New York, and my days were spent outside boating, swimming, collecting shells and sunbathing. As an adult when I feel “off” I know I must re-connect with nature and go outside. Although I love the gym to exercise, I do […]

Using Kind Words Can Save the Planet

Are you aware that every word you use has energy? Whether for yourself or another person?  It is super important to be conscious of what you think and say. Your thoughts are important to the world.   Change starts with you.  If we want to make positive changes to the world, we have to equally […]

Live Now and Not For Tomorrow!

Are you ready to kick-ass and have your dreams manifest into reality? Well great, here is how you are going to do it…stop living for tomorrow and live for right NOW.  How often do we tell ourselves “I will start the diet tomorrow,” or “I will tell my partner I love them next week,” or […]

I Can Manifest When I Am Happy!!

I’m in flow when I am happy. When I’m happy, I can manifest anything! While walking today, I noticed these amazingly happy ducks. They seem so content walking along with each other, and enjoying each other’s company. You can tell they are in their flow. How do we manifest great things and get into our […]