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Go to Bed Feeling Positive & Your Morning will Create Miracles!

Happy Tuesday!! Are you making today a happy loving day today?  Did you wake up feeling amazing and ready to start a day with blissful feelings and thoughts?  I know you did, I have faith in you.  Well if you didn’t, don’t beat yourself.  If you are feeling “off” today, how was your feelings and […]

Are You Ready to Make Changes??

Make today your day to live the life you always wanted to live. Are you ready? Why wait until tomorrow? By putting off your future dreams, you will just make yourself unhappy and not feel authentic. You ask how can I accomplish my dreams? Very easily, step-by-step. There is no rush in accomplishing your dreams, […]

Listen to Your OWN Intuition!

During my meditation this morning, I was guided to post about intuition. After doubting this message, I picked two angel cards…both referenced listening to your intuition!! I love when I receive confirmation!! Do you listen to your intuition, your gut, your instincts?? What happens when you ignore it? Do you have regrets? Imagine if you […]

Use Your Intuition & Listen to Your Body

Another gorgeous day. How are you feeling this morning after your gratitude prayers?? Didn’t do them yet, no worries you still have time??!! Another big way to fulfill your desires is having optimal health. If your not feeling well, how are you suppose to achieve all of your desires?? So many clients come to me […]

What are You Grateful For Today?

What a gorgeous Monday morning it is. Birds are chirping and there’s a light breeze in the air. How are you feeling this morning? Are you feeling cheerful?? Are you feeling sad or anxious?? Well if your not feeling in alignment with yourself, let’s change it right now!! Get a pad and pen out and […]

Let Go of Control and Live A Happy Life!!

I’m meditating from a different beach today, the view maybe different but still spectacular. I just allowed myself to be out of routine and let go of control. Have you ever tried to control a situation, a person or thing? What happens when you try to do this? When clients come to me with obstacles […]

Become Thankful and your life will completely Change!

Interesting scene in the sky with today’s sunrise. Half the sky is dark with rain clouds, and the other side is bright. Which side is better?? Well I can say of course the brighter side, but don’t we need rain too for vegetation among other things? So often I have clients coming to me for […]

Trust Your Gut and Listen to Your Intuition!

What a beautiful sunrise this morning. The ocean waters are calm, there’s a slight breeze in the air, and I notice lots of birds hunting for fish by the shoreline. There’s not a care in the world with these birds. Birds are very intuitive and instinctive. They know exactly what to do to hunt, and […]