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Take Care of Your Body, You Only Have One!

I have been increasing my time and energy around wellness especially lately. Realizing our souls may live forever, but our bodies are only rented during this lifetime. Another words, take care of what you got!! So many of my clients are coming to me with physical issues. I am noticing a pattern with these clients. […]

Do you find yourself at times trying to control a situation or person??

As I sit and meditate at this gorgeous beach this morning, I notice how mysterious the ray of light behind the clouds appear. How wonderful this moment is. I wait patiently to see how the sunrise will display itself today. What colors will I see? In my mind, I’m just allowing the beauty of nature […]

Do you want your life to be the same everyday? Time to Make Changes!!

As I meditate on the beach this morning, I notice how cool the air feels as the wind blows my hair. Can’t believe it’s mid July in Florida. I’m excited to see the sun rise today. It’s new, it’s fresh. My son asked me why I want to see the same sunrise every morning, I […]

How do we know when are in perfect alignment?

Another breezy day at the ocean. I’m feeling so connected to my mind, body and soul. How do we know when are in perfect alignment? When you can feel your soul in your body. When your mind is flowing with positive thoughts, and your body is exercised and filled with healthy nutritious foods. When we […]