Happy Tuesday!! Are you making today a happy loving day today?  Did you wake up feeling amazing and ready to start a day with blissful feelings and thoughts?  I know you did, I have faith in you.  Well if you didn’t, don’t beat yourself.  If you are feeling “off” today, how was your feelings and thoughts last night?  Did you go to bed feeling great?  Did you go to bed watching negative news or TV show that gives out a lot of negative energy?  How ever we go to sleep at night has a big influence on how we wake up the next morning.  Always, always go to bed feeling relaxed and happy.  If you need to watch TV, watch a comedy or read a funny book. Stay clear of anything negative or anything that would trigger negative thoughts in you mind.  Only you know what that is. For example don’t do what many of my clients do, and check out our ex’s social media accounts, which will probably triggers old pain and regrets. Or if you are wanting more money, comparing yourself to a wealthy person, or if you are over weight, don’t compare yourself the Vogue magazine model.  Do you now understand what I am saying?  If I am feeling negative at night, I make myself take a relaxing shower and listen to meditation music.  I light a white candle, and place lavender on my pillow case.  Then I begin taking an inventory of all that I am grateful for…my kids, my health, my family, etc.  It is really hard to think negative once you begin your saying your grateful prayers.  I find myself smiling and feeling really lucky to be who I am. Remember we all have choices, its called Free Will.  Make positive choices tonight, and watch your tomorrow morning unfold with lots of miracles to follow.

Sending you lots of positive vibes!! xoxo Deirdre Abrami

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