Happy Saturday!!

Happy Saturday!! Another beautiful sunrise this morning. The ocean is very calm, and I noticed as soon I sat and watched the calming waves, I began feeling very calm too. My breath began to mirror the energy of the current. Have you ever noticed your energy mirrors the energy of others? One way to find out if you are sensitive to energy, is by noticing how you feel after connecting with them. For example, was this person happy, and then they made you feel happy?? Or was this person sad, and then they made you feel sad?? Many clients of mine tell me they can not be around negative people, because it makes them feel negative and anxious, and these feelings may last for days. To avoid or clear this type of energy away from you, imagine clear white light surrounding your whole entire body. Starting with your toes, and then going all the way up to your head. Listen to meditation music or even this sunrise video while your visualizing to heighten your experience. By continuing this clearing meditation often, you will be ready to conquer the world!! You will have more positive rejuvenated energies, clearer mind and emotions to accomplish all of your desires!!

Have a beautiful calming weekend! Ciao xoxo Deirdre Balarezo Abrami, Deirdre Abrami

Watch today’s sunrise…IMG_2160