Happy Thursday!!

Happy Thursday!! Today the sky is bright, and as I sit on the beach to meditate, I enjoy the wind in the air hitting my face. I am recognizing my own breath and enjoying how peaceful I feel. So many clients come to me for anxiety for themselves or children. When was the last time you payed attention to your own breath?? One of my fastest ways to getting clear minded and feeling calm is by taking long slow breaths in, and then counting to three to breath out. I repeat this several times until I feel my body fully relax, and then I allow my mind to wonder. Feeling stressed or anxiety, try doing this by the beach or outdoors and fill your lungs up with fresh new air. I promise your mind, body and spirit will feel exhilarated and renewed!
Sending lots of love and peace your way, Deirdre Balarezo Abrami and Deirdre Abrami


Todays sunrise…