I’m meditating from a different beach today, the view maybe different but still spectacular. I just allowed myself to be out of routine and let go of control. Have you ever tried to control a situation, a person or thing? What happens when you try to do this? When clients come to me with obstacles in their life, I remind them to let go of control. Once this done, all of your desires will fall right into place. Easiest way to let go of control, is to trust. Learn to trust that everything is working out exactly as planned. One way to learn to trust, is ask for signs of validation from the Universe. I ask for three repeating signs. It’s amazing once I ask, how the signs immediately appear. Try this exercise, and ask for three signs to appear within 48 hours. I can’t wait to hear your stories!! You will definitely be releasing control after this exercise!!

Happy Weekend!! Xoxo Deirdre Balarezo Abrami, Deirdre Abrami

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