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Welcome to my online home. I’m Deirdre Abrami, 6th Generation Intuitive, spiritual enthusiast and mother of two.   I am passionate about…YOU. This space is where I share my experiences and passions through blogs and videos about consciousness, intuition, spirituality, wellbeing, and living an INTUITIVE-ISTA life.

What I learned through my awakening, I can help you too

Live your passion, and embrace your true authentic intuitive self. I love motivating people to embrace their own unique intuition, magnificence and to have inner peace with who they really are.

Through this experience I have been able to help thousands ignite their own intuition and live their passion through my private sessions, classes, videos, and blogs.

My Story

I’ve been living an intuitive life since a life-threatening illness taught me so much about my purpose, passion and overall wellbeing.

In April 2003, I was diagnosed with a cerebral aneurysm just days after the delivery of my second child, Christian. With having a 14 month old, daughter Reagan, a new born and now not able to care for my children from chronic pain and double vision, I knew I had to make major changes with my life.

Usually when I tell that story, most people gasp. I however would not be telling my story to you, if I did not have these real life experiences.

Since I am a New Yorker, I will get straight to the point…I decided to take life by the horns and conquer with all my might. I had two small children to fight for, and then it happened, my healing began.

After indulging full force ahead into spirituality, and being open to all possibilities, the aneurysm was healed. Many asked if I had surgery, the answer is no, I just had a spiritual awakening. I finally learned about how the mind, body and soul are interconnected, and that we are all part of something larger than ourselves.

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Professional Bio

Deirdre Abrami is a 6th generation psychic intuitive who is an internationally know spiritual advisor, teacher and coach. After a life-threatening illness in 2003, she learned to live with passion and purpose. She has helped thousands ignite their own intuition and live their passion through her private sessions, public appearances, workshops, videos, and blogs.


Deirdre has combined her formal education with training she has received over the years from her psychic family and real life experience.

She has a Bachelors of Administration, and is currently pursuing a master’s degree from Nova Southeastern University to expand her private practice.   She is a Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner®, Certified Medium, and Certified Angel Card Reader™ by Doreen Virtue, PhD, Past Life Regression Therapy Training by Dr. Brian Weiss & Carol Weiss, MSW, Universal Life Reverend, Theta Healing™ Practitioner, Reiki Master and Energy Healer.

My Psychic Family

DEIRDRE ABRAMI, 6th Generation Psychic
Deirdre head shot front

Deirdre Abrami is a 6th Generation Psychic Intuitive & Spiritual Advisor is an internationally known spiritual teacher, coach & former radio show host. After a life-threatening experience in 2003, her passion became her purpose. Today she offers private psychic intuitive readings, group readings, psychic development courses, workshops & conferences

Deirdre’s psychic family encouraged her at a young age to embrace her natural psychic abilities. It was not until nine years ago after a life-threatening experience, and with the spiritual guidance from her family did she have a new found understanding of the mind, body and soul. She now lectures about this interconnection and teaches others to embrace their own psychic senses.  Due to public demand, Deirdre gathers her psychic family together to share their insights, spiritual healings and intuitive skills…the timing is finally right!  

JOAN BALAREZO PASSEGGIO, 5th Generation Psychic Medium

Joan Passeggio Headshot

Aunt Joan Balarezo Passeggio, 5th generation psychic medium, has helped thousands of people world wide connect with their deceased loved ones.  

Joan has been sharing messages from the other side since the age of two.  Her family still recalls her messages from spirit scaring teachers, friends and strangers because of the accurate messages she would deliver. Joan did not care about negative reactions she received over the years, as she knew she had a purpose to serve. Over the years she had radio shows, assisted Police Departments with missing person cases, and traveled the world with other master teachers with her healing work.  

CARMEN CABALLER, 4th Generation Spiritual Advisor

Grandmother Carmen Caballer is a 4th generation spiritual intuitive, healer and speaker. Growing up as a child, Carmen’s parents raised her metaphysically.  Her mother Clementine was an intuitive medium, and prophetic dreamer predicting accurate world events.  On one occassion, her prediction was so extremly accurate about President Roosevelt, the FBI arrested her convinced she was a spy.  Carmen’s father Julio became a healer, teacher and active member at the Spiritist Center in New York City in the 1920’s after being healed from a rare illness.  Once her parents moved to Long Island in 1940’s, Julio opened his own center that remained open until his death in 1980.

Carmen has always had a knowingness about people, places and things.  When you ask her how she knows something, she will tell you “I just know.”  Grandmother Carmen is considered the hierarchy of the family, being the eldest living member. Deirdre, today, states that her Grandmother Carmen is the best spiritual teacher she has ever known, with her old soul, spiritual knowledge and charm…she has no competition!  Carmen is best known for her spiritual baths, house clearings and spirit releasements.   Another specialty is her ability to channel people’s past lives and help them overcome current obsticals. With her intuition, worldly experience, interests in all religions and spiritual beliefs, she has become a spiritual library for many. 

Deirdre's Story


Many people have asked me if I have been practicing as a psychic intuitive professionally my whole life, and the answer is a definite NO. Even though I am a 6th generation, I chose not to use my intuition until 2003.

I was raised on Long Island, New York, and if you ever heard me speak, you would immediate know where I was from. I had a regular childhood growing up, nothing exciting except my father’s family were psychics. But I was not raised to use my intuition, as my father feared and misunderstood his own abilities, and he taught me to do the same. He would tell me if I talked to the spirit world, I would burn in hell as the Bible stated. Interesting enough all of sisters, parents, grandparents and great grandparents all used their intuition as mediums, healers, psychics and more. One of his sisters Joan Balarezo Passeggio, who is a practicing medium, would tell me not to listen to him, and that he just did not understand. So I decided to take matters into my own hand, and ignore my abilities until my awakening.


In April 2003 days after delivering my son Christian, doctors diagnosed me with a brain aneurysm, and my life changed forever! I will never forget when my Psychic Aunt and Grandmother Carmen came to me while I was in the hospital. They told me that I needed to heal myself, and when I did, I would help many others do the same. At the time, I had no idea what they were telling me. For the next two years my spiritual journey began, I re-igniting my intuitive abilities and heightened my spiritual awareness.

When I was finally ready to embark into this arena I asked my psychic family for help, they would teach me how to meditate, visualize and pray. As I practiced, I noticed how more detailed my visions became. I was eager to learn more, and more.

I was guided to visit my local Barnes & Noble. I remember entering into the store and being terrified neighbors or friends would see me in the new age section. Once I entered this section I was overwhelmed with the number of books there were, and not knowing where to start. I finally stated in my minds eye, “if you guys up there in heaven want me to do this work as my family is telling me, then you need to show me which book to buy. With in a minute, I heard a noise thump on the ground, and when I looked no one was there, and all I could see was this book laying on the ground called “Healing with Your Angels” by Doreen Virtue, PhD. For a moment I thought someone was pranking me, but when I picked up the book and asked for a sign. Each time I asked a question, I would open the book, and my questions were answered. After that day I learned about angels and how they are messengers of God to help those who ask. I have been working with them ever since, and I attribute my great health, abundance and positive attitude to these great beings.


One night in 2005 I heard a deep voice while I was showering, this voice told me how to heal the aneurysm. It said to visualize each night three simple steps. Each night for twenty days I did this visualization in my minds eye. On the twenty-first night, I heard the deep voice telling me to discontinue the visualization. The next day I had two medical tests to check on the status of the aneurysm, about two weeks later I received a letter from my Doctor that stated the aneurysm was so small they could not find it! That night in the shower I heard the deep voice telling me that if I continued to go back to my old way of thinking, it would return. The voice also said I was healed, and I had to help others heal themselves too. I began studying topics about the mind, body and spirit connection and realized that in order to live a healthy life we need to combine all three areas.

After the healing

A couple of weeks after my healing, I began feeling that I needed to write down my impressions. These impressions or messages were positive and uplifting. The messages guided me to keep my thoughts positive, have faith and visualize all of my dreams. I found that the more I did this, the more miracle were happening all around me. The miracles came in all sizes both small and large…from visualizing a parking spot at the mall to visualizing a new car! I still today practice visualization, as it helps me stay focused on both personal and professional


The biggest lesson that I have learned over the years is to trust your own intuition and practice your skills. I find the more I trust, train and practice my intuition, the more accurate messages and guidance I receive. I find if you do not trust yourself, the less accurate the message…it is that simple. Also I compare intuition as a sport, the more you train and practice the better you become. I wish there was a magic pill you could take, but there isn’t. Take classes, workshops, watch videos, read and get with like-minded people and practice with each other. I am even a much better intuitive today then I was years ago, why, because I am using my intuitive everyday all day long…practicing! .Everyone is born with intuition, just like we are all born with two arms and two legs. Unfortunately many of us do not use our intuition because of religious beliefs, family, friends, and fear of being judged. Join me for one of my lectures, classes, workshops, blogs or videos and start your spiritual journey today…it is so worth it!