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Over the years I have had many people ask me about my own personal psychic intuitive abilities, so I decided to write about some of them.  I keep adding to this list as I remember. 

Do I feel everyone is intuitive? YES absolutely! We are similar to animals, born with natural instincts. How does an animal in the wild know how to give birth, take care of their young, and hunt? Because of their intuition, their gut instincts. 

Can psychic abilities be learned? I feel yes if you have the abilities and natural born gifts to learn them.  I compare psychic abilities to tennis. Let’s say you want to learn tennis, you hire a trainer and practice these new skills, right? Same goes for psychic skills, the more you use them, the better your skills will be. Now of course not all of us will be the next Serena Williams, she also has natural talent too. Same as psychics, I am fortunate to have a psychic family I am born into, plus they have been training me for years. Do I have slight advantages? It definitely helps I have access to my ancestors traditions, and get to practice psychic skills with my advanced psychic family members.

Check out my abilities below, you never know, maybe you will resonate with some of these abilities and realize you too are psychic! 


Psychic Abilities and Intuition

I use the title of Psychic Intuitive because not only am I using my natural-born intuition, I possess psychic abilities that enable me to connect and communicate with non-physical beings, sense future, past events, and energy.

Define Intuition
I describe intuition as using your gut instincts, like animals in the wild.  A person receives clear concise knowledge, and grabs insights that escape the normal thought process and over rides reason.

Define Psychic
I use the word psychic as many understand the meaning without being well-read in the new age community.  My grandmother Carmen dislikes this term, mostly because of her old beliefs and negative condintations surrounding this word. In ancient times many associated this word with fortune-tellers, seers, clairvoyants, and prophets. In all time periods, psychic powers are the ability to forecast future events without any prior knowledge, and have an extrasensory perception of  information hidden from the normal senses.


My Psychic Abilities

Over the years I have discovered my natural-born psychic gifts versus my well-trained psychic talents.  Besides being born into a psychic family, I knew early on in life that I was different than most of my friends.  I always seemed to know things without having prior knowledge. I learned to use my sixth sense so well, that friends of mine in school called me “Weirdra” instead of Deirdre. I would make random predictions that would come true, and it scared them.  Now, those same friends love that I am a professional psychic, they call me for advice!

Which Psychic Senses Do I Use?

Which Psychic Senses Do I Use? All of them.  

My clairvoyant abilities seem to be strongest, especially when I am in a dream or meditative state.  I have clear images of future events, deceased loved ones, and non-physical beings such as Jesus, Mother Mary, Archangel Michael and my Spirit Guide Ralph.

I am in constant connection with my guides who are sending me signs, such as repeating numbers like 1111, 3333 or 4444. I love when they send me beautiful feathers that appear out of know where.  My favorite is when my deceased grandfather who was known as a penny pincher leaves me lots of pennies in the strangest places!  

Lately in my house, I see flashes of deceased spirit energy.  I can be brushing my teeth, and sense someone looking at me. When I turn to see who is there, all I see are flashes of gray energy flashing by.  Some times they are my deceased relatives, or deceased relatives of my clients who are getting ready to speak with me. I even get visits from my deceased dog, Lucky.  He is a four pound Yorke. I always feel his fur against my leg, and I joking think to myself that this is the best way to have a pet.  I can still enjoy his company and love, but I don’t have to walk or feed him!  

When I use my clairsentience (clear seeing) abilities, I have a keen sense of feeling in my gut telling me when something is good or bad, right or wrong.  It happens on a more physical level for me, I will get goose bumps on my arms or chills down my spin, or feel a tingly feeling in my stomach.

My clairaudient (clear hearing) abilities came later when I began hearing voices from the spirit world.  At first I did not know where these voices came from, but once I trusted the guidance, the fear disappeared.  Actually I first heard the voice of spirit in my shower 13 years ago. I heard instruction of how to heal myself from a brain aneurysm.  It guided me with specific details of how to visualize everyday for 21 days. I was not spiritual then, so I had no idea what this voice was telling me, but I trusted it.  The short version of this story is, I healed myself! After 12 MRI’s and MRA’s, seeking advice from a well-known doctor in NYC, and hearing negative diagnosis of this life-threatening illness…I figured what did I have to loose? On the 21st day in the shower, the voice told me I was done.  By coincidence, one this day I went to the local diagnostic center for my MRI and MRA and my NYC doctor told me to overnight the reports to him.  Two weeks later, I receive a letter from him telling me that the aneurysm was so small, they could not detect one! That night after receiving that letter, the voice returned and told me that not only did I learn to heal myself, but I needed to show others how to do the same.  It explained about the interconnection of the mind, body and spirit, and how powerful our thoughts are…we think, is what we create. 

Claircognizance (clear knowing) I describe as my “mindless” abilities. I usually become aware of these abilities when I least expect them. Such as folding laundry and all of a sudden I hear in my mind, your friend Sally is calling, and a second later, the phone rings and its Sally.  Theses impressions are more in a thought form and not vision.

On occasion I use my clairalience (clear smell) abilities.  I am not sure why I have a keen sense of psychic smell especially with alcoholics and drug users. Funny story, I was on a plane last year when a man about my age sat next to me. He asked what I did for a living, once I told him, he asked if I would tell him something. All of a sudden I could smell marijuana all around him, and then I saw an image of his father telling him to stop smoking.  When I shared this message with him, he denied it at first. A second later he smelled his shirt!  His friend next to him almost fell off his seat laughing so hard. Never a dull moment in my life. 

My clairgustance (clear taste) abilities came in handy one time while meeting with a client who was at her wits end trying to find a diagnosis of chronic pain she was feeling.  She had exhausted every doctor, and not one could tell her what was wrong.  During her session I was given an image of water pipes under her home.  A second later, I psychically tasted metal in my mouth.  I suggested she have her water tested.  A few days later I received a call from her telling me they found low dosages of mercury and other metals leaking into her water supply. 


Other Psychic Abilities

Empathic Abilities

I find myself being very empathic to others energy, feelings and thoughts. It took me years to distinguish the difference between what is my energy versus other peoples energy. I have the ability to sense if a person is happy or sad, sick or well, good or bad, and so on. I have to be careful to clear away old energy after each client, so I do not absorb it. I know when I feel “off” is when I need to clear my energy and balance my chakras.

Energy Healing Abilities

I’ll admit that I found out I had “healing hands” from my psychic family years ago.  They had been telling me since I was young, that I would assist with people’s healings.  When I studied Reiki, a Japanese healing modality years ago, I found out that healing energy was coming out of hands.  Although I never practiced healing energy professionally, I help sick clients and friends overcome illnesses, aches and pains and assist terminally ill patients with making a smoother transition into heaven with using my energy healing abilities.  I do not charge for this service, as I anonymously help those in need. 

Telepathic Abilities

I have a keen sense of telepathic abilities where I can read the minds of people and animals.  My daughter Reagan and I have this incredible connection of this ability.  Almost everyday I will be thinking of a question to ask my daughter, and she will answer out loud or visa versa.  We joke about how many times this will that happen in one given day.  I am able to sense people’s thoughts constantly, it makes dating interesting.:) 

My kids make fun of me and say that I am a dog and baby magnet.  Every time I pass a baby or dog, they want me to hold them or pet them.  I feel because they have a keen sense of intuition, and they know I can connect with them telepathically.

Mediumship Abilities

Can I see dead people, yes!  I’m not going to lie, but I don’t advertise this ability because who wants to talk to dead people all day? I think I saw too many horror movies growing up and did not want to connect with spirits.  I really resisted using this ability until recently.  I would tell the spirits to get lost, and go find my Aunt Joannie who is a Medium, and talk to her instead.  I guess I got tired of fighting this ability, and now I embrace it.  I do not feel I am as skilled as the Long Island Medium talking with dead people, but I can sense them, and see them.  I am getting better at listening to them when they tell me their names, profession, how they died, etc.  I enjoy communicating with higher energy beings such as angels, archangels, spirit guides and ascended masters. Plus I explain to my clients and students that deceased loved ones are not as knowledgeable as these higher energy beings, they have the same knowledge as they had prior to their death.  Some times there is growth, but do not expect to get an accurate answer about accounting from your deceased father who was a carpenter.

 Remote Viewing

Although I am not an expert in this area, I have many times experienced remote viewing. This is when you clearly see consciousnesses, places, and events happening at another location, either in the physical dimension or in non-physical dimensions. The first time I had this experience was purely by “accident.”  I was walking my dog, and all of sudden I felt myself leave my body, and travel to another state where I could see a corporate board room.  I could see three people sitting at a long table. They were discussing who should be chosen to win a book deal with their publishing house.  I could hear every detail, from who they were deciding between, to why they were going to choose my friend as the winner.  I could even see the paintings on the walls, and what the people were wearing. It was the most amazing experience, but I wasn’t sure if I was imagining this or not.  Once I came out of this dream like state, I immediately called Lisa, my friend and asked her if she had won the book deal with this publishing house.  She had not heard anything yet.  Within two days I received a call back from her saying she will always listen to my guidance from now on, because she had won the book deal!  To make things more interesting, Lisa had attended six months later an author event at this publishing house, and she had an opportunity to ask the president of this company why they had chosen her.  He confirmed everything I told her was 100% accurate!  Too bad I can’t do this for the lottery numbers…or maybe I can, I just have to practice!


Many psychic intuitives have the ability to connect with the spirit world/non-physical beings when they are in a complete trans like state. I use this type of channeling especially while I am writing articles and books. I sit in front of my computer, relax allowing my conscious mind to drift to the side, and then these spiritual beings take over my hands and type.  I’m always amazed what messages are received, my vocabulary increases tremendously.  Next I will be working on physical trans-channeling when you allow the spirit to completely take control over your whole entire body, and your mind completely steps to the side.  My Aunt Joan has this ability.  She will take on the voice, features, language and characteristics of the spirit she is connecting with.  First time I witnessed her doing this, I was a little freaked out because she began speaking Spanish and flying her arms all around, but once I started to listen to the profound messages she was receiving, I relaxed.  Today I beg her to this type of channeling, but she complains it makes her exhausted. She says it’s my turn to do this, and that I am ready. Stay tuned…