Psychic Intuitive Counseling

This session is for those who are needing clarity and validation with important questions regarding their life; purpose & spiritual path, relationships & love life, career & business, health & wellness to name a few. Deirdre will act as the conduit between you and your spiritual guides and other high-energy beings from heaven. Many have told Deirdre after her sessions they feel empowered and positive, filled with hope, and are motivated to be back on track to accomplish their dreams.

Intuitive Coaching

This session is for those who are looking to enhance their own intuition on a private one-to-one basis. Whether you are looking for this coaching to enhance your professional spiritual business or for personal reasons, I will intuitively pin point your path for success. She can assist you remove any blocks or fears associated with your natural gifts, tailor experiential hands-on exercises developed specifically for your intuitive skills and guide you how to achieve your goals.

Mediumship Training

Seeing spirits and don’t know what to do? This session is for you if you are beginning your spiritual journey and you have begun feeling, seeing and/or knowing spirits around you, and you are having trouble distinguishing who they are, what they want, and/or you may even feel fear of this unknown. (either one-on-one, group or classes)

Intuitive Business Consulting

This session is for those seeking to increase revenue and/or have a new perspective for their business. Deirdre has help hundreds of businesses, from start up small businesses to fortune 500 companies receive insightful information to assist owners, executives, and directors reach and exceed budgetary goals. She can intuitively sense competitors, marketing strategies, business plans and goals.

Hiring new staff?

Looking to hire staff? Deirdre can intuitively assist you if this person will be a good fit for your and your business.

Need to meet sales goals?

Deirdre can assist you with your goal projections and can create fun, easy manifesting training for your sales team. Not only will you create positive energy and comradery for your sales department, they will achieve and most likely surpass their goals.

Psychic Child & Parent Sessions

Is your child seeing spirits?

This session is great for children who are beginning to tap into their own abilities, and you as a parent do not know how to help your child. Deirdre can coach the two of you in a fun, loving way to help your child identify and embrace their own unique psychic intuitive gifts.

Readings & Coaching Are By Telephone, Skype or In-Person.

What Areas of My Life Can Deirdre Help Me With?


Deirdre can help you improve your communication and relationships with a partner, co-worker, friends, family and more. For those seeking a new partner, Deirdre can teach and coach you to manifesting your life partner. She can also help you with relationship blocks through forgiveness and belief exercises.

Career & Business

Deirdre intuitively coaches and works with you to finding the right and best career suited for you, and most importantly that it is fulfilling your life purpose. If you are ready to set goals, take action and manifest your potential, then make the commitment and book a one time session or four week coaching session with Deirdre today!

One of Deirdre’s specialties is assisting and coaching people in finding their true passion and starting a business. She can assist you with start up, training, building your business, marketing and social media.

Health & Wellness

Deirdre can assist people with their health and overall wellness, by connecting with your physical energy and auras. Although she is not a medical doctor or medical advisor, she can assist you with pinpointing current or potential illnesses, aches and pains or other physical problems. Deirdre intuitively assists her clients to realize why a physical issue is occurring due to: emotional, physical, spiritual or mental issues. She can assist you with shifting your energy and self-healing these physical issues.

The above are just a list of the top topics clients need assistance with, how ever she can expand on many others too.

Office Hours & Session Info


The quality of the session is the same whether by telephone or in-person. Because of Deirdre busy work and travel schedule, she is now only offering telephone and skype sessions. She connects with your energy and guides, angels, deceased loved ones and more, so you do not need to be physically with her for her to receive these accurate intuitive messages and can be conducted remotely.

Office Hours

Sessions are available nationally and internationally via telephone or Skype.

Mondays – Fridays 9:00 am – 6:00 pm EST
Saturdays 9:00 am – 12 noon EST
Evening hours Available Wednesdays – Fridays.

All above times are based on eastern standard time.

Deirdre resides in Florida, United States.

Steps To Booking Your Session

Three easy steps to scheduling your session with Deirdre.

  1. Click on BOOK YOUR APPOINTMENT NOW & complete form.
  2. Pay for your session via Paypal or major credit/debit card on secure site.
  3. Wait for appointment confirmation email. Please expect a 24 hour turnaround time during weekdays and 48 hours during weekends.
Readings & Coaching Are By Telephone, Skype or In-Person.


As a client or student of Deirdre’s, all of your information is considered extremely private and personal, thus, your information is kept completely confidential. Read more about our Privacy Policy.