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Are Your Ready to Talk to Your Animals?
Happy Friday!
Did you see my upcoming workshop Animal Communicationon December 2nd and 3rd? I have finally decided to teach this workshop after years of being nagged not only from my spirit guides, but the animals I keep connecting with.
If you are like me and have a connection with your pets and/or animals, this workshop is for you. After years of realizing I am communicating with animals through my mind, using telepathy, is when I wanted to teach others how to do it too. So many clients come to me about their animals or just want to connect with their deceased pets. This why I feel the need to teach others how they can communicate directly themselves. Animals especially pets are part of our lives, part of our family. They have souls just like us with personalities, needs and wants. So why not give them the respect we give each other as human beings and talk to them directly. Find out how they are feeling. What makes them happy or sad and so forth.
If your intuitive and want to practice using your psychic abilities, this workshop is for you too. I will also be teaching how to connect and communicate with deceased animal spirits. Many people are grieving their deceased pets and need closure. Owners want to know if they made it to heaven and are happy. This is a fast growing business to explore as spiritual counselor, I have so many clients requesting sessions with animal communicators.
I have also asked Randi Sands, International Groomer and Animal Communicator to join me to share what she knows about how she processes animal communication. Randi is super excited to be sharing her animal symbology, she has created a simple method to communicating with animals and their spirits. Also Karen Truhon, RN, Reiki Master Teacher, Intuitive Energy Healer and ThetaHealer Practitioner and Teacher will be sharing how to use ThetaHealing with animals!
Are you ready for all this information packed into two-full days? Your pets and animals are ready to communicate with you!! If you sign up by next Friday, November 17th by midnight tuition is only $333!! Because of limited space, I can only take 20 students in total. As of today, I have 9 seats left. So if you are interested in this workshop, don’t wait to sign up…I can’t make the room larger. lol
Here are all the details about this two-day workshop:

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