As I meditate today, my guides tell me to write about boundaries. So many of us walk around feeling so  depleted. Why do you feel this way? Because your a sensitive person who cares about others. That’s not the issue, what is the issue is you do not know how to set up healthy boundaries. For example, do you find yourself being your friends therapist all the time?  Are you in a relationship where your partner is always “taking” instead of “giving?” Are you the natural-born caregiver to others,  and  it never seems to be reciprocated?   If this sounds like you, it’s time to fire yourself from this position and gain your power back.  You will only gain resentments, and eventually make yourself sick mentally or physically.   By setting up healthy boundaries, not only are you gaining your power back,  but you will also manifest great relationships into your life.   If the people you have been with are resenting you have changed with this new found powerful energy, they weren’t meant to be in your life anyway. Now you’ll  have plenty a room for wonderful new people to enter into your life. Only you can make positive changes with your life. It’s time, you are ready!! YOU GOT THE POWER!!!

With love and blessings,  Deirdre Abrami

Image is of sunrise at Deerfield Beach, FL pier.

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