Today more than ever is a day to share love and peace with the world.  If we do not as a consciousness, the world will end in pain and sorrow. How do we encourage others to just be? By just being period. If people would stop judging themselves or others and feel true love in their hearts, this magical energy would permeate to millions of others.  Because of societal fears and limiting beliefs, we as a human force keep sending our misbeliefs to the younger generations. So at what point do we stop this bad behavior and be the individual we were born to be and stand strong. We as a society have responsibilities to stand strong, in our power, and tap into the invisible voices in our heads while we are connected to spirit, and use our imaginations again.  Stop allowing society to tell you how you must live, how you must breathe and how you must earn your merits. When will you stand on your own and just be the person, a society contributor of the stars of mars and planets?  You have a responsibility now and forever to just be peace, love without temptation of hate or evil. We the people need to regain trust and stay away from fear.  It’s time to place our trust in god and forget all evil.  It does not exist with out energy.  What do we mean by that? Energy is a substance in which negative and positive forces flow amongst each other.  So if you do not think negative thoughts or feelings towards another, hate will disappear forever.  But this trend must start with you today, not tomorrow, today.  Just allow your spirit to feel christ energy in your heart or what ever your spiritual modalities are.  It is just a feeling of being in the now and not the negative tomorrows the press scares you about. Stand tall and be the person of magic now.  You will be greatly rewarded with so much abundance, you will want to share this abundance with so many people in the Universe.  Share your love and peace today young ones as we watch all of you grow with so much pain in your hearts. Once you figure out we are all born with love, hate will magically disappear. Go with love, no hate, peace on earth. Love within your heart.
Blessing your loved ones from heaven.

While I was channeling today, I saw an image of Martin Luther King, Jr.  I could feel his energy being interjected into this message.  I was guided to look for an image that had a world in it. Once I clicked on this image, I saw this quote…“Only in the darkness can you see the stars.” ~Martin Luther King Jr. I am amazed how spirit works.  This confirms he was really there guiding me…feeling so blessed!

Love and blessings like always, Deirdre

(Message channeled by Deirdre Abrami on 10/5/17.)

I also saw an image of Michael Jackson performing his “We are the world” song. King of ironic today considering what’s going on in the world.

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