Have a Connection with Animals?
Interested in Developing Your Intuition?
Become A Certified Pet Psychic!
Are you like me and find yourself connecting with animals every time you see one?
Animals need your help more than ever. They need to be heard, and by you learning how to tune into their energy and connect with them, you can be their translator.
Most often animals are effected by their owners…thoughts, feelings and energy. They are extremely intuitive and can read minds called telepathy. Just like babies, animals can easily sense a “good” person versus a “bad” person.
If you feel a calling to help and be the voice of animals, join me this Friday, December 1stand Saturday, December 2nd in Boca Raton from 10 AM to 4 PM for the Certified Animal Communication Workshop.
Not only will I assist you with raising your own vibration and energy, I will help you easily and effectively tune-in to both animals and their owners.
Volunteer at an animal shelter? This workshop is for you! You can help them get adopted faster and pair them up with the right owner, and much more!!
I am keeping this workshop small so I am able to work both in a group format and individually. Have a small pet you want for us to work with, great, call me at 561-READING.
I have kept the tuition affordable because the animals need your help. Only $360 for this two-day intensive workshop. I get it, its holiday time and money maybe tight, I will work with you, I am also offering different payment plans. Just EMAIL or call me at 561-READING (732-3464) and I will make sure you are able to attend. Want to volunteer during the workshop, I will discount $100 off your tuition. You will be assisting with registration and assist during workshop.
Still need more info, click below for full description on website:
Have a fabulous day!!
Friday, December 1st – 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Saturday, December 2nd – 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Inception Point Institute
301 Camino Gardens Blvd, Suite 204 | Boca Raton, FL | 33432
Tuition: $360
Volunteer Tuition: $260
Includes Manual, Supplies & Certificate
Lunch on Your Own
Payment Plans Available
Randi Sands, International Known Groomer & Animal Communicator
Karen Truhon, RN, Reiki Master Teacher, & Theta Healer & Teacher
Deirdre Abrami, 6th Generation Psychic
561-READING (732-3464)

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