Another gorgeous day. How are you feeling this morning after your gratitude prayers?? Didn’t do them yet, no worries you still have time??!! Another big way to fulfill your desires is having optimal health. If your not feeling well, how are you suppose to achieve all of your desires?? So many clients come to me with illnesses, aches and pains, and want to know why they are not getting better. I’m an Intuitive, not a doctor, but I can tell you about 80% of my clients have these health issues due to diet. I am guided time after time to have my clients change their diets, from giving up wheat to eating a plant based diet. Once they tweet their diets, miracles occur. Best advice I can give, is LISTEN to your own body. Use your intuition, and see how you feel after ingesting certain foods. Everyone is born with different bodies, so there are no one size fits all diets. I learned the hard way. Do your homework and educate yourself on proper nutrition that is perfect for you. My body thrives really well on plant based diets. But your body may not, so I urge you to connect with your body. Remember it’s only rented in this life time, so take care of it now!! Not sure what to eat, here are some helpful documentaries I have watched on the topic of food: “What the Health, In Defense of Food, Food Choices, Food, Inc, and Forks Over Knives.” They can all be found on Netflix. Let me know your thoughts about these documentaries. Eat well, and thrive!! Have a happy healthy day!!

Xoxo Deirdre Balarezo Abrami, Deirdre Abrami

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