Happy Monday!  Are you ready to start your week off right?  I know I am.  Do you know how you can guarantee a successful week? Visualize it.  Yes it’s as simple as that.  Imagine yourself already succeeding in every situation today, tomorrow and end of week.  Do you know if you can hold an image in your mind for at least 17 seconds, you have a higher chance of manifesting this image into fruition?  So practice today holding successful images in your mind.  Make a game out of it.  I like to play fun music and feel the image manifesting into reality.  For some reason, this helps me manifest at a rapid pace. Having trouble visualizing? No worries, start out small. For example imagine doors of success opening up for you with ease.  That everyone and opportunities fall right into place and the perfect time.  Visualize receiving that pot of gold at the end of your rainbow.  Remember success starts with a positive thought, like planting a seed.  Then your constant positive thoughts and feels are like watching these seeds grow into beautiful plants. You are successful! You are perfect! You are ready!

xoxo Love and blessings, Deirdre


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