What a gorgeous Monday morning it is. Birds are chirping and there’s a light breeze in the air. How are you feeling this morning? Are you feeling cheerful?? Are you feeling sad or anxious?? Well if your not feeling in alignment with yourself, let’s change it right now!! Get a pad and pen out and write 10 things you are grateful for. No supplies, type on your phone. Once you finish your list, begin reading them one by one out loud. As you read them, feel each one in your heart. When you finish this exercise, how are you feeling now?? Are you feeling more grateful?? Are you feeling more relaxed?? If you practice daily gratitude prayers, your energy will completely shift and grow into a magnet of positive changes. And when this happens, there’s lots of room in your energy field for miracles to manifest!!

Happy writing!! With love and hugs Deirdre Balarezo Abrami, Deirdre Abrami


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