If You Are Present, You Are Powerful!

Have you ever felt like a magnet? For instance you walk into a party, and everyone is drawn to you?  Why do you think this happens? Well we can blame it on your striking good looks, or we can dig deeper and investigate.  When we invest in ourselves and get our energies to a higher vibrational level, others notice.  Maybe they do not understand what the attraction is to you, but trust me they notice.  When you have your “mo-joe” going on, people may ask you, “did you do something with your hair, have you lost weight, or what is different about you?” Have you ever wondered how the most unattractive, overweight person in the room successfully attracts the most attractive and fit person? It’s their magnetic energy.  So how do we obtain this magnetic energy? By being present, living in the now.  If something or someone is bothering you, change that negative thought and feeling. By thinking and feeling positive about all areas of your life makes you feel grateful. Once you feel grateful deep in your being, your heart, is when the magic begins to happen.  You begin feeling powerful, and less stressed about things you can not control.  You find yourself being attracted to more positive people and situations. Your health, relationships and finances improve. You begin to feel as though life is so easy without even trying. When we are feeling powerful, we are in the  flow of life. When we are in the flow of life, is when we create magnetic energy.  Your magnetic energy will attract all of your desires. So what are you waiting for, need a little boost? I’ll leave you with this “I’ve Got The Power” song, play this and you will indeed get your power back… https://youtu.be/t30E6QR6qtU